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Liquid Springs

by Ditch Days

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Liquid Springs was imagined by Guilherme Correia, José Crespo and Luís Medeiros.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Miguel Vilhena at pontiaq studios.
Rafael Traquino later joined to become a full-time Liquid Springs' resident.
André Isidro played a major role in the beginning of Ditch Days and recorded drums on tracks 2,4, 7 and 9.
Miguel also played drums on tracks 1,3,5,6 and 8 and a bunch of other stuff throughout the album.
Backing vocals on track 2 were provided by Ricardo Crespo, Vasco Cabeçadas Dias, Veríssimo Massa and Miguel Vilhena.
Afonso Bizarro offered awesome creative input on track 4.
Miguel Marques mastered the album at SDB mastering.
Artwork by Joana Esteves.

We want to thank everyone involved in the making of this record and anyone else who made Liquid Springs a real place.


released September 23, 2016

Written and composed by:
Guilherme Correia
José Crespo
Luís Medeiros

Produced and mixed by:
Miguel Vilhena

Mastered by:
Miguel Marques @ SDB Mastering




all rights reserved


Ditch Days Lisbon, Portugal

Indie and dream pop band. Lisbon, Portugal

Label: Pontiaq
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Track Name: Back In The City
Back in the city I don't like to taste the air, it's not like in the fields
It's not warmed up by the sun, that's why I like to
Go to the place where my family used to go, time here moves so slow
And although I'm by myself most times, I never feel alone

Wherever I go. I'm surrounded by green and blue, it brings me back to you
You're out in the city, almost 30, I need to see you soon
So I can convince you that there's this place we have to go
I want to show la casita where my family used to go

You don't mind, you're happy as long as you're sad
Back inside the city where everyone's fed
Greasy fries, smoke that blocks the sunset
From your eyes, but you don't seem to care

Out in the wild thoughts come out at an easy pace,
Like flowers in a vase
Back in the city it's way too busy for us to get along
Track Name: Zowee
I don't get why you're always saying that I insist on being late and
To say I never listen is just one more overstatement
You might think I don't care about those shitty bands that you're so proud of
Finding on a hipster showcase, well, you are spot on most days.

The things you're saying don't make any sense to me, except for the fact that
I heard you said you liked me, and I like you!

The things you're saying don't get
Past my ears inside my head
I spoke but I was misread,
My thoughts came out like an unmade bed
Track Name: The Days Are Just Packed
The sun comes up and flows through your hair,
I love the way it glows, it makes me wanna
Drive to the other side of
The planet earth, provided that you
Never stop to surf the wind with your right hand
Oh, you do it so well

And as we reach the shore, you make those eyes that
I just can't ignore, they're asking me to
Go where we've never gone before

And if you wanna watch the city lights
I'll drive you anywhere you like

The sun comes up and flows through your hair,
I love the way it glows, it makes me want to..
Track Name: Nostalgia
Cars keep hissing by my window,
And I feel like I'm moving still,
That's indisputable

But I'm alright if I can go
Back in my mind 12 years ago.

Those kids don't know they're having fun,
'Cause they are so young
Dreams made of plastic water guns
And caramel buns

But that's alright if I can go
Back in my mind 12 years ago
Track Name: Melbourne
I was out there in the park pretending,
Trying not to be offensive
I was standing in the queue, coloring the view,
But the crayons are so damn expensive

Keep going South,
Without a doubt
I wanna go,
Where the sun goes

I look at the trees, they look back at me
They move as fast as my eyes can see
And I realize that the one who's moving is me
Track Name: Blue Chords
Those crazy eyes look good on you, and I don't mind
'Cause I got them too
Are we defined by the results
Or by the purpose of our own pursuits?

Now it's 2 AM, you're writing postcards to your dad

And what about Mondays? When will I get to be (lazy)?

College kids always hate their schools,
Their veins are stuffed with yesterday's noodles
If you want to talk about your life
Then I'll be bored out of my mind
Track Name: In Films
I'm writing songs again, I cannot unwind
It's like you gave me a lemon for me to suck on all the time
No, I don't want to babble on, and find one day our good years gone
Don't waste your voice on yawns, I learned to care for all your flaws

You just have to dive
Don't be uptight
You just have to dive
We'll be just fine

I thought I saw you again,
Reading on your street
Later on on the bus, next to the window seat
No, I don't want to babble on, and find one day our youth is gone
I think I know what you mean, we belong in 'Submarine'.
Track Name: Countryside Nightlife
Light comes in brighter and bigger
When it's you, the car, and I'm hearing
"Smooth jazz! Rain sounds!"
Drops form random patterns
While you defog your windows
"We still got miles to go!"

The telegraph poles that came before,
The telephone trees that made us roar,
The sun's rising once more

The wind divides the air in two and I don't mind,
It's helping me go faster
Isn't it amazing that we are looking at the lights
When they're actually fading?